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Love from our clients

Lindsay & Tyler

My husband, son and I were lucky enough to have Sophia’s support during the delivery of my second son in December 2018 (I have been meaning to write this for a while!) I’m not sure I will ever find the words to express how grateful I am to have had her support, encouragement, knowledge and presence with me during such a powerful moment in my life. Sophia was accessible and responsive throughout my pregnancy as well as during the early stages of labor and throughout the delivery.  I am a very private person and it often takes me a long time to feel comfortable around new people. From day one I felt comfortable around Sophia and it felt completely natural to have her with me during such a personal and vulnerable experience. It was such a gift to have someone who was completely tuned into what I might be needing and providing it intuitively and immediately throughout my labor. I also felt like it let my husband just be more present with me in the moment. I feel very stongly about the value of the service that doulas provide and I will always be grateful to Sophia for offering her services to so many families.
updated 6/25/22**
Sophia supported me with doula services for the hospital birth of my second son in 2018. When I became pregnant for the 3rd time in 2021 I knew that I wanted to work with Sophia again but this time I decided to hire her for midwife services and to support my planned homebirth. Sophia started doing home visits for check ups when I was about 4months pregnant. The calm home visits were such a nice change from the rushed hospital check ups I had with my previous two pregnancies. She was always able to answer any questions we had and send information for us to learn from. My concerns were always addressed with consideration, thoughtfulness and a wealth of experience. With Sophia’s support and guidance I felt myself doing work for the inner growth and strength that I needed in order to prepare for my homebirth. She was always available and promptly answered any questions that came up. When my labor started I felt extremely calm, capable and supported with her calm and grounded presence. Delivering in the tub with warm water unassisted but with Sophia and my husband’s support and encouragement is one of my favorite experiences of my life. The entire birth experience was calm and peaceful. I never felt rushed or pushed to do anything I was not ready for or comfortable doing. Being tucked into bed when I was ready to leave the tub was so comforting and being able to have my older son participate in the cord burning, weighing and measuring is a memory that my family will treasure forever. The postpartum care that Sophia offers is wonderful as well. I am so grateful for Sophia’s support and guidance and would highly recommend her services to any family regardless of whether they are planning to deliver in the hospital or at home. Thank you Sophia!
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Ashley Christiansen

“Lea is absolutely wonderful to work with. I am very fortunate to have had her watching over my birth. She is warm and caring, you feel it with every word she speaks. She brought that warmth with her to the birth. She is very professional and knowledgeable but also so personal. I feel like I have a friendship on top of the care I was receiving. She provided the comforting care I was looking for.”

Danielle Whipple

“I swear the heavens came together and orchestrated our meeting Lea. She came to Utah just in time to be my midwife, and left shortly after she helped deliver our perfect baby. I have never been more comfortable or confident in someone I knew for such a short time, but I honestly feel we have made a lifelong connection and I will always look upon her with the highest degree of respect and admiration. Lea always answered all my questions graciously, and went above and beyond at providing resources and information for me to be as informed as possible as I prepared for my birth. She respected my decisions, and helped with the ones I wasn’t 100% sure of. She is real and down to earth and so easy to get along with that you feel like you are spending time with a lifelong friend in stead of just a care provider. While I was in labor, she came and went so softly that I barely noticed she was there, until I needed a suggestion, or check, which she performed quickly and respectfully, so as to allow my body to continue doing what it was meant to do. I am so grateful for Lea and her service to us. I could not have asked for a more perfect midwife. She is everything a midwife ought to be, and much much more. We love you Lea!”

Kathryn Christensen

“I was lucky enough to have Lea Ritter be my Midwife for my first water-birth. She was everything a midwife should be: helpful, patient, kind, calm, knowledgable, and accommodating in every way! She was perfectly pleasant through the whole process. Whoever gets to birth with her in the future will have a wonderful experience, of that I’m sure! I’m pretty sure she has found her calling in life. I can’t say enough positive things about her!”

Amanda and Jonathon

You are Astounding. You so surpassed our expectations. We are madly grateful to have had you by our sides, keeping us safe, supporting us and just being your awesome self. We have trusted you explicitly throughout this entire process. We already miss you!!With lots of love (this isn’t a goodbye)”

Katelyn & Chris

My home birth experience with Sophia was better than I could have ever imagined. I’m so thankful for her and her team! My pregnancy and delivery experiences were smooth, manageable, stress-free, enjoyable, peaceful… all around positive. Another perk my husband loved best was that he could be there for every appointment as they all took place in our home. With the pandemic the way it was during my pregnancy, and as far as I know while writing this review, partners still aren’t allowed to come for any appointments outside of the 20 week ultrasound and actual delivery. How sad! Do yourself a favor and take charge of your pregnancy experience. I highly recommend investing in your home birth with Sophia!

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“I feel so grateful to have had Lea as my midwife at the birth of our son. She was very knowledgeable and helped to inform my husband and I on our choices throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Lea always spent time really hearing us during prenatal appointments. I felt much was discussed during that time together and because of it we created a dynamic trusting relationship.

The birth of our son Canyon was especially quick and I was concerned that Lea would not make it. She was ready and anticipated that our birth would precede quickly. I felt better when I heard her voice come in through the door because I knew that her experience and knowledge was a catch net. I felt empowered and confident during my birth experience and not once did I feel unsupported by my birth attendants. Lea gave me the space I needed to be truly myself and birth the way I wanted. I knew she was there but I also felt the freedom that comes when one is not being watched. As my son started to come through the birth canal I reached for Lea and I expressed my concern that it was a big feeling. Her tone and confidence made me see there was nothing to fear, everything was perfect and we would see him soon.

It was a magical moment when I finally got to sit on my own bed and hold my baby close to me. Having a homebirth gave me that freedom to have him be born in our personal environment. This meant so much to our family as we truly believe in the benefits

Gemma & Toili

No words can describe how honored and blessed my family was to have Sophia as our midwife duribg our prenatal/birth/postnatal care. She understands how to listen and nuture anyone whose been around western medicine/practices their whole life, like myself, and made us feel so comfortable during the whole process.

Each visit was filled with love, time to answer our excitement and concerns since we were the first in our generation to consider/have a home birth. This experience I know my husband, now little 3 month old son, and I will cherish for the rest of our lives as I’m so thankful I found her and would recommend her in a heartbeat.

She’s very professional and loving at the same time including her Team Emma and Clover. Wow even more amazing to have them support her and they compliment one another yet they’re so different in their own unique ways! They bring a calm ambience to wherever they go and when things needed medical attention (prenatal/birth/postnatal) I felt they did an amazing job and better than what any provider/clinic/hospital could’ve done. She also took amazing photos and videos during my birth and I have these for the rest of my life!

I did the placenta encapsulation and tincture as this is something you can do and purchase and it was such a new idea I never thought of and I would do this and the whole process all over again!

Her biller is on top of it if you end up using insurance and made the process smooth and in my eyes better than what providers offer.

I feel like I gained a new perspective on homebirths/midwifery and also a new family with her Team. Do not miss out on this midwife gem team or in my light, my midwife goddess!

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Aubree Lee Parker

“Having Lea as my midwife helped me to have the greatest pregnancy and birth experience. I was lucky enough to have her with me every step of the way–from the moment I found out I was pregnant, to the first time hearing heart tones, to finding out the gender, and then seeing my baby boy for the first time. Lea always took the time to be a friend and superior caregiver through answering my questions and easing my worries. As a first time mom, I was so scared, but Lea was ready for every situation and made sure that me and my baby were always perfectly safe. She provided so much comfort and support during labor as well, and I couldn’t have done it without her. I love Lea, and I would love to have her as my midwife for every pregnancy! No one is a more competent, loving, and perfect midwife.”