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Homebirth Package


We begin our journey together in the prenatal stages, meeting consecutively for lengthy in-depth visits. This time together is designed to build trust, offer guidance, and ensure you and your baby stay healthy throughout the entire process. All routine prenatal testing and screens are available and included. Throughout care, we are available for any questions or concerns you may have. You are encouraged to reach out between visits without hesitation.


Once it’s time for your baby to arrive, together we will determine the best time for a midwife to join you at your home. With the support of a birthing assistant, we will arrive fully prepared and equipped with all necessary supplies. A comfortable and inviting space will be created to ensure your labor goes smoothly and you feel at ease.

After your baby is born, we will stay with you in the immediate postpartum for a minimum of 4-6 hours. Once you are ready we can check for any lacerations and discuss repairs, ensure you’ve eaten, and prepare you for the first 24 hours before a midwife returns. Your attendant perform a comprehensive newborn exam, check vitals, and make sure everyone is healthy and stable. Breastfeeding education and support is also provided when needed.


Within the first six weeks following the birth, we will return for a minimum of six in-home postpartum care visits. Logistics like filing for your baby’s birth certificate and social security card will be covered. This time is to guarantee you and the baby are staying healthy and thriving. There is no need to see your pediatrician for the first six weeks following the birth.




  • Complete prenatal, birth and postpartum support

  • Waterbirth tub

  • Client handbook

  • Birth kit

*Access to Midwifery care and Homebirth for all families is deeply important to us. Please contact us for information on payment plans, insurance billing, and other funding assistance.

“It was a magical moment when I finally got to sit on my own bed and hold my baby close to me. Having a homebirth gave me that freedom to have him be born in our personal environment. This meant so much to our family as we truly believe in the benefits of homebirth. ”

-Savannah and Canyon