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Is homebirth a safe option for me and my baby?

Numerous studies have shown homebirth to be a safe and satisfying option for low risk pregnancies. Birth has occurred in the home for many more years than in an emergency facility such as a hospital. Our midwives are uniquely trained and prepared for the rare instance an intervention is needed while expecting a normal physiological birth to unfold. Midwives carry oxygen, anti hemorrhage medication and herbs, newborn resuscitation equipment, suturing supplies and medications for your baby should you wish them administered.

Is my home too small?

This is a common question and our answer is generally that no matter how small, it is larger and more comfortable than a hospital room. We have served families living in large homes and in small studio apartments. Over the years we have seen again and again, no matter the size of your home, women tend to find a small, dark space where they feel unwatched and safe, such as the bathroom.

Who chooses homebirth?

We have worked with all types of families from doctors, lawyers, dancers, farmers, artists, circus performers…the list goes on and on. There truly is no “homebirth types”. The benefits of birth with respectful loving attendants and complete autonomy are appealing and appropriate for everyone.

Do you offer water birth?

Many of our families chose to have a birth tub for pain relief and often birth their baby into the water. The benefits of water birth include relief from back pain and other labor sensations. Being buoyant makes it easier to move into different positions as well as hold positions, like a squat, for longer. The inflatable tubs are gentler on your knees and support rest between sensations. Birth in the water is gentler for babies as they are passing from amniotic fluid into warm water before being slowly lifted into their mother’s arms. We include the birth tub in our package and will clean up after the birth is over.

Do you help with breastfeeding?

Our team has over 20 years of experience helping to initiate easeful and effective breastfeeding. After the birth we can help with the first feeding session and will continue to monitor your baby’s weight while supporting you with any supply issues through the six week postpartum period. Our practice has a 97% success rate for exclusive breastfeeding by 3 months postpartum.

Is home birth covered by insurance?

We accept cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, and HSA/FSA. If you are a homebirth client with out-of-network benefits or a PPO insurance plan, we can bill your insurance as an out-of-network provider. We, unfortunately, don’t currently bill Medi-Cal.

For families needing long-term payment plans, we are contracted with United Medical Credit.