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About The Midwives

Why Midwifery?

You deserve to be fully seen, trusted, and honored.  The care you receive from a midwife empowers and gives you full autonomy over your health and choices.  Birth is viewed as a profound and healthy function of the body and not a medical condition or illness to be managed. Midwives carefully monitor the progress of pregnancy and labor and recommend appropriate management should complications arise.  Licensed midwives are trained and prepared for unlikely emergencies but trust in birth and your body’s innate wisdom.

SOPHIA HENDERSON – Licensed Midwife

My name is Sophia, and I am a radical birth keeper and authentic Midwife.

I first discovered homebirth and Midwifery when I nannied for a family that experienced homebirth. Though, at age 5, I told a friend that I wanted to “watch babies be born when I grew up”. So clearly I knew my path early on.

I deeply enjoyed every aspect of my training as a midwife. I apprenticed locally with a community home birth midwife for 4 years before beginning my own practice. I have had the honor of attending hundreds of Home Births all over the Bay Area. My own birth philosophy has been built over these many years attending to all my beloved families.

As an authentic midwife, it’s my responsibility to always center you, your family, and your choices. I have dedicated myself completely to supporting women’s autonomy in their own pregnancies and birth. I involve myself in many birth related communities and support all choices women make from “hands on” to Freebirth.

I’m located in beautiful Sonoma County with my husband and our two young children who love to explore. I enjoy staying active, going on hikes, and dancing with friends.

LEA RITTER – Licensed Midwife

I am honored to call myself a Mother and Authentic Midwife. My home is in the quiet, bohemian town of Fairfax with my daughters, June and Sienna.

My passion for birth work began at a young age, I was born at home and was taught to view birth as a joyous family event.  I have always been drawn to spaces where women are in their full power.  I feel at home in the radical and profound world of untamed pregnancy, birth, and mothering.

I birthed June at the hospital and Sienna in a birth tub at home.  These two different births enable me to have a personal understanding of both choices.

My formal training includes 4 years of homebirth apprenticeship as well as international work in both Germany and Haiti. I was a staff midwife and clinical instructor in Salt Lake City Utah before moving back to the Bay Area in 2014.

I serve families throughout the Bay Area including Marin, Sonoma, Contra Costa counties, and San Francisco. As well as a Midwife I am a certified yoga instructor specializing in pregnancy and body image.

I strive to always practice from the heart.

Serving as a midwife is the greatest privilege of my life.


My home birth experience with Sophia was better than I could have ever imagined. I’m so thankful for her and her team! My pregnancy and delivery experiences were smooth, manageable, stress-free, enjoyable, peaceful… all around positive. Another perk my husband loved best was that he could be there for every appointment as they all took place in our home.